Collection: Dell XPS 27 2720 Touch AIO

The Dell XPS 27 2720 Touch All-in-One is a premium all-in-one desktop computer that offers a powerful and immersive computing experience. It features a stunning 27-inch 4K touchscreen display that delivers vibrant colors and sharp visuals. With its sleek design and minimalistic bezels, it adds a touch of elegance to any workspace.

Powered by Intel processors and offering options for dedicated graphics, ample RAM, and fast storage, this all-in-one is more than capable of handling demanding tasks, from creative projects to gaming. The inclusion of touch functionality adds versatility, allowing users to interact with their applications and content in a more intuitive way.

The Dell XPS 27 Touch All-in-One is a compelling choice for those who seek a high-performance and stylish desktop solution with a focus on both aesthetics and functionality.

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