Collection: Lenovo ThinkCentre M70q Gen 4 Tiny Desktop

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M70q Tiny Gen 4 is a compact and capable desktop solution designed for professionals and businesses. Despite its small size, it delivers impressive performance with powerful Intel processors, ample memory, and versatile storage options. Its compact form factor is designed to maximize space efficiency, making it perfect for modern, space-conscious work environments where every inch counts.

Lenovo's strong focus on security and manageability features ensures data protection and system control, making the M70q Tiny Gen 4 a reliable and secure choice for businesses in need of an efficient and space-saving desktop solution.


  • Up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 Processor with vPro™


  • Up to 1 TB PCIe SSD


  • Up to 64 GB DDR4 2667MHz


  • Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 630

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