Collection: Lenovo ThinkEdge SE360 V2 Server

The ThinkEdge SE360 V2 stands as a purpose-built, compact server ideal for tight spaces, being half the width and notably shorter than traditional servers. Versatile in placement, it can be mounted on a desk, wall, or rack, offering flexibility in deployment.

This server strategically positions heightened processing power, storage, and network capabilities closer to data generation points, enabling swift actions following data analysis. Tailored for diverse workloads like Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Smart Surveillance, and more, it offers versatile solutions for various applications.

Supporting wired connections up to 1GbE (with options for 10GbE/25GbE) and potentially facilitating wireless LAN (WLAN) support for Wi-Fi connectivity, the SE360 V2 ensures efficient and varied networking options. This server's adaptability and powerful processing make it a robust solution for various edge computing applications in limited-space environments.


  • Intel Xeon D-2700 Series processor

Memory Maximum:

  • Up to 256GB with 4x 64GB RDIMMs

Memory Protection:

  • ECC, SDDC (for x4-based memory DIMMs)

PCI Expansion Slots:

  • One PCIe 4.0 x16 slot 

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