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The Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Server is a versatile and compact computing solution tailored for edge computing environments. This high-performance server is designed to efficiently process and analyze data at the edge of networks, enabling real-time decision-making and advanced analytics. Its small form factor allows for deployment in various challenging environments, supporting a wide range of applications, including IoT, AI, and machine learning.

With a strong emphasis on security and reliability, the SE350 ensures data protection and system stability, making it an optimal choice for businesses in need of a powerful and resilient edge computing server to drive their operational efficiency and innovation.


  • 1-socket Intel® Xeon® D-2100, up to 16 cores


  • Up to 256GB in 4x slots, using 64GB DIMMs; 2133/2400/2666MHz TruDDR4


  • Dual-redundant external power supplies 100-240V AC Single DC supply: -48VDC (-40VDC to -72VDC) @8.4A

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